Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jeans Jeans and more Jeans...!!!

Even with a total loss since June of 20 Pounds I have struggled to see where the weight is coming off at..I see it here and there I have those places that I know for a fact are smaller but I have always wanted a smaller stomach. It is that one area that bugs me the most. It has not always been there but the older I get the more rounder I get. When I was younger it distributed more throughout!

So since I was not seeing a HUGE difference I was afraid to try on any of my "small" clothes.
Well last night I could not sleep. It was something like 4 in the morning and I decided to venture into the garage and into my closet and pulled out everything that did NOT fit. A lot of it has not fit for a couple of years and during that time I did not buy any new clothes. Last year I bought one pair of TORID jeans because all of my other jeans were way too tight. I am talking so tight that I could either not get them up over my butt or was about 5 inches from buttoning them.

So on my bed lay probably about 20 pairs of Jeans..
I started by trying on the ones I don't like as well. That way if they seem tight I don't have to have the disappointment of trying on my favs and they be too tight.

The first couple of pairs were 18's..They went on fine with plenty of room
Then came the size 16's.. I got really nervous here. With each pair I tried on I got more and more excited and would have to go out and show Jack just how well my Jeans fit.. He was of course not as excited as I was though he did his best to show that he was..LOL
It was the craziest feeling to try on pants that were one day to small to pull up and now fit GREAT.. I have NEVER experienced that!

As I got through the pile I pull out a pair of size 18 jeans that I don't really remember. As I am sliding them on I recognize that all too familiar TORID tag. I slip the pants back off and take a look realizing that I bought these jeans last winter when none of my clothes fit and I had no choice but to buy something that fit. It was that or leggings for the duration of winter. I put them back on only to realize that they were wayyyyy too big..I mean they don't look flattering at all!
This did kinda upset me. I don't spend much money on clothes. I don't have the money to spend. But I have always bought my jeans from TORID because they fit so well. In a way I probably save money and time not running around buying one pair after another because I hate how they fit.
Now I have this really expensive pair of jeans and can't wear them!
But I also have another 18 pairs that I CAN wear!
I mean think about that...I went from being able to fit into one pair to 18 pairs.

I had one more pair of jeans laying on the bed. These WILL NEVER FIT!!!
Oh heck..I'll see how close I am. Being a size 13/14 this is crazy !
You know that feeling when you pull a pair of pants just to about your knees and you pretty much know if they will fit??
These were gonna fit! REALLY????
OH MY GOSH...THEY FIT!! A bit tight in the stomach. I would not quite wear them out because I won't wear anything that gives me a muffin top! eeewwwww Not flattering. But just the fact that I am able to get them on and buttoned is AMAZING !!!

I am so excited to see what 20 more pounds brings! That will be uncharted territory!


SIZE 16...FIT GREAT!!!!!!!

SIZE 13/14..TIGHT !! BUT THEY ARE ON  (  :


  1. Good job! That is amazing! :)

    Congrats on your NSV.. it's always nice to see how your body is changing, especially when you can't see noticable things..

  2. What a fun surprise, to find the smaller sizes DO fit! Congratulations - I bet this is quite the motivational boost for you. :)

  3. thanks for stopping by Lifeoffthedlist

    congrats on those 20lbs

  4. OMG! That is soooo awesome!! Congratulations! I'm SO proud of you, Renea!

  5. Thats awesome lady!!!! CongrATS!!!!

  6. You are doing so so great!!! It is such a rush to put on those old too small jeans and have them be too big or fit just right!!! yay!!! So happy for you!!

  7. Yayyyyy so excited for you!! Since I am avoiding the scale lately I have been trying on some summer clothes that were tight this year and I was ecstatic that they were fitting, so I know how you feel:D It is such a great feeling, keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks to everyone! It is a great feeling to finally have proof that all my hard work is paying off !

  9. Congratulations! Just found your blog! Good luck on your journey!

  10. All of your hard work IS paying off! You look incredible!! Way to GO!!!


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