Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Another Christmas has come and gone!  This has to be one of my favorites and Jack agrees!

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. I love decorating my house and finding all those little trinkets that I had forgotten about. I love to bake and when I say bake I mean I BAKE !!! HUGE plates full of all kinds of goodies for my neighbors and family. But NOT this year of course.
I even love the shopping with all the crazy people just days before Christmas as I was doing myself.
It was exhausting to say the least.It was fun to watch Jack open his gifts that I worked so very hard trying to find. Every year I search to find him the perfect gift. He is VERY hard to shop for. I know what he likes. But I am never quite sure if he already has it or if it will be the wrong kind etc because his hobbies are very specific.


This year one of his BIG gifts other then his bike was a full spectrum light for his art work. I searched high and low for this light and for the perfect one. These lights are not cheap and as soon as you think you found the right one you find an even better one. But he was over the moon happy. He also got a PS3 MOVE and an art portfolio and some stocking stuffer. He was really happy!

I was starting to feel really guilty..I had explained in an earlier post that many years ago this game started where we had to stop putting our presents out because if we did he would would have to out number me. Well he had three under the tree and I had like 10! ..So I was feeling like I had to do more shopping. Now I know what you all are thinking. But we have fun with this. But thank god only ONE was a BIG gift! We had went shopping for last minute gifts when I seen this great multi cooker made by George Foreman. It must be his newest product.This thing is amazing. But I figured after Christmas I would  go back and get it. That was what he got me for Christmas other then my Bike and I Love it!! I also got some Cd's.Gloves,Slippers,Phone Case,Car Charger,Cool Water Bottle and lots of sugar free candies plus some meal replacement bars.
I got everything I wanted and then some. I can't wait to go ride my bike! I sound like a Little kid..Hahhahah

My eating yesterday was not HORRIBLE but it was also not top notch either!?!?!?!?
For snack my Nanny had out some of those veggie fries. So I had like 4 of those. Then for dinner. I hadmash potatoes,ham,corn casserole,bean salad, and a roll...Just one serving
I had no plans for dessert but a few hours later I got a sweet tooth. So I had a slice of coconut cream pie and a while later ONE cookie.

THEN we all decided to go and see a movie. We went and seen THE TOURIST. I thought it was really good.
I went with my sister,brother,sil,nephew and his girlfriend and of course jack.
It would have been even better if I had NOT chose the POPCORN..ERRRRRR

Oh well....Today is a new day..I had a great day with my family!
No stress. I was not all worked up about what I was eating or not eating. I just ate till I was satisfied. It was not about the food this year for me..I did not even bring anything!!! I felt kinda bad about that. But for right now I have to do what will get me to my goal and baking and having a bunch of temptations around the house is the worse thing I could do.

I made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas with 2 slices cheesecake,1 slice of pie and 1 cookie..
In years past I would have ate an entire cheesecake in one week by MYSELF!!! So I have come a VERY LONG WAY!!!!

I hope everyone had the BEST Christmas ever!!! I am really excited to hear and read every one's plans for the new year!


  1. Wow ... looks like you had a great Christmas, Renea! LOVE the bikes! :)

  2. Congrats on the bikes.. I love my bike and will be glad when the weather warms up enough I can ride again. Happy Holidays..

  3. WOWOWOW!! Santa was good to BOTH of you!! I love, love, love the bikes - wish I could be riding one right now!! But, they don't make bikes with snow tires or chains on them....

    I am sooo happy your Christmas was wonderful!!!

  4. Looks like a wonderful Christmas!! Today is a new day and a fresh start!

  5. Awesome bikes!! you are so going to have to share with us about your new multi-cooker!!! Looks awesome!!!

  6. Hey chica I had planned on stopping by during the holidays to borrow some self-control from you but the internet was down the entire time I was gone because of the storms in San Diego. I didn't do as well over Christmas as I wanted to either but, like you, I didn't do horrible.

    I drank way too much wine and champagne ... way too much. It's just so hard because I drink maybe a few times a year, usually when we hang out with "Temptation's" brother so that is a very old tradition that I just couldn't let go of. We went to a karaoke bar this weekend and I sang five or six songs and drank two glasses of wine. Then had champagne with breakfast the next day, wine with dinner that night and more wine with dinner the next night. GRRRR at myself!

    One good thing though, I had a teeny stocking that my "brother-in-law" got me (I use quotations because "Temptation" and I aren't actually married) which I thought was rather considerate of him to make the effort. I didn't eat the candy (gave it away) but he got me some lotion, body-wash, and a super nice face cloth for stuffers instead of giving me a crap-load of candy.

    The entire time we were there though, there was this HUGE BUCKET of assorted cookies. I only ate two but I still feel so absurdly guilty about them. I need a blog-hug, how about you?

    Even worse, I still have yet another holiday party at my mom's this weekend for New Years. Someone kidnap me so I have an excuse not to go because I'm not sure I can handle another weekend surrounded by temptation and bad food!!!!

  7. I want your bike!!! this will be my christmas gift to myself this year just giving it to myself a little late lol (hopefully get to get it next weekend yaa)


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