Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Party

Yesterday was a very busy day!

I started out by getting up very early. Would you believe that my dentist called my phone at 645 AM YES AM !!!!!! Who the freak does that!
I did not answer but I was up for the day! Lovely!

Since I was up I decided it was time to start decorating.
I have NEVER done this all on my own. usually I would do it on a weekend where Jack could help.
I am glad he carried it all in the house the night before though.
It took me ALL DAY. By the time Jack got home yesterday I was just about done with everything. I still had to put a few ornaments on the tree and tidy up. So he could not have gotten home at a better time. HaHa
This is our first Christmas in this house.(.If you are a new reader I will update you in saying that we moved into this house last May after living in our past home for 6 years.So this has been a BIG adjustment.) It reminded me as I was decorating of years past in our other house..I loved decorating that house for Christmas. Every year each piece had its place..This was a bit harder. I had no idea where to put anything and I still have not hung the stockings!
I have not taken any pictures but as soon as I do I will post them.

I was so exhausted last night..I went to bed at 9PM. I was falling a sleep long before that.

Tonight we have a Christmas party to attend. But we are not sure if we are going. It is someone from my husbands work and they have this party every year. In years past there is a ton of food. Plus a ton of people. They have an amazing home in a very old part of phoenix. They have rebuilt and added on and it is beautiful. Their are many doors to this house. So there is indoor and outdoor living. So the party is mainly outside and of course inside..When we have attended in the past it was a lot of eating and drinking and since I am doing neither..LOL..We may go and just socialize..But it being over an hour drive since our move and with all the temptations we may pass this year and stay home and have our own party..What we call D&M..(dinner and a movie) We are always happy doing that.

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  1. I love dinner and a movie with my hubby. I think decorating a different house would be great. We have been in our house for 14 years. Same old same old..


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