Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas decorating today!

Well it worked!!
I went to bed early last night..I was in bed about 11PM.
While I was trying to get tired I was emailing with a friend and woke up at 12:30 still sitting up. I had put a sugar free candy in my mouth and woke up.. Drewling...LOL..Jack said that was dangerous..I guess it could have been.
But I got about 6 hours and that is good enough since I have been sleeping so much. Now I am finally on a day regular sleep schedule as long as I go to bed by 11PM tonight and I am sure being up this early I will.

I got my BIG jug of water and an Orange..I may not follow Skinny Bitch to a T..But one of the things I will take from it is having fruit for breakfast. She says to have from 1-3 pieces..One was fine for me. Then in a few hours I will have a mid morning snack.

Today I am going to surprise Jack by cleaning the house and getting Christmas decor up.
I don't want to over do it. So we will see how far I get. I had asked him last week to pull it all out of the garage and he forgot. So that will be a chore in itself because it is buried under boxes.

Do any of you have Christmas traditions when it comes to decor?
Do you decorate your tree a certain way?
Is there an item that is out year after years..

For me about 10 years ago I had bought a Christmas Village from one of those house party gift companies. I just can't remember the name..But I love it and it is set out every year.
I have A LOT of Christmas decor. So I have to pick and choose what I want out every year.
We also have a TON of outdoor decor. But living where we do the electric bills are crazy. So we wont put up as much as we usually do. SAD!!!!

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