Sunday, December 5, 2010

Playing catch up! ( :

Last night I finished up my day by having a chicken sandwich and a bowl of California vegetables.
By the time I typed everything into my calorie counter I was sitting right at 600 calories for the day!!!
We decided to watch the movie Night and Day..I could be wrong. It was a GREAT movie. But then I was hungry again and since I had enough calories left I had  2 slices of bread one with Peanut Butter and Jelly and the other with honey I also had a orange and a small bowl of instant pudding which was disgusting and threw it away. My entire day ended at 1155 calories which is right where I want to be!

I have been dealing with severe fatigue and some female issues so sleep is what I have been wanting to do and I did ALLLLL day long!!!! I went to bed at 5 AM and slept till 7PM..
While I was sleeping Jack was working on the outside lights and is not quite done yet.
He also went grocery shopping for me..YEAH

Last night we went on a 2.2 mile walk in 40 minutes which beat our last time by 5 minutes.

In our town they are having a light competition and we came across a house with a ton of lights. So we had to stop and take pictures. They even had this huge cardboard wall cutout that went slightly into their garage and there was a Santa and Mrs.Claus taking pictures with the kids. They were even selling hot chocolate which I passed on. I just love Christmas time!


So far today I have had a piece of an orange that jack cut up. He is now making dinner..
This is my morning even though it is 7PM..I told you that trying to switch back to a day schedule will only last a short time..This always happens.

I am not stupid enough to walk by myself in the middle of the night. So if I get a walk in it won't be till sunrise..


  1. Oh my gosh! The Christmas lights are spectacular.. that's one of my favorite parts of Christmas, is seeing all the lights.. :)

    Good job on the food stuff.. I'm noticing that I'm not getting as many veggies as I need (thanks to being broke, i think).. that chicken sandwich, and the california medley, looks super good..

  2. Great job on finishing your walk faster this time around. I love that you have a support system, thats wonderful. What calorie counter are you using? I'd like to check it out. I like, its really cool.

  3. Sarah..I find that if you cut out all the snacks and eat WHOLE foods such as fruits,veggies,chicken..You know stick to the basics..Don't buy any processed pre-packaged foods and you will save a ton and have money for your veggies.. I alos use coupons which helps a lot.

  4. I am using it is part of the website. I absolutely love it! It is also great for figuring out recipes. My favorite part is all the information that it gives you at the end of the day.


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