Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Have any of you watched the Biggest Loser??
It is one of my favorite shows. I have watched every single season since day one.
But I did not actually start to eat healthy until this past summer when the show was not even on.
So does the show create motivation? For some people it may. But for me it didn't.
This past season one of the contestants made a comment that while watching the show she would be sitting eating a bowl of ice cream.
Me and Jack would laugh because every time it came on we too would be eating really crappy food.
For one I like the show because I am a reality TV junkie. But I also watched because I liked to see the transformations in hope one day it would give me the motivation to do the same.

So what is it that gives us motivation? I am talking the kind of motivation that finally makes us decide that now is the time to lose weight and get healthy. Is it that model on the cover of your favorite magazine? Or maybe you have an upcoming event like a wedding or a class reunion.

Then you lose some weight. The pounds start to drop off. Then somewhere along the line you lose that motivation. So now what keeps you going?

This is something I am struggling with.
I started out so well. For me my motivation was to be a skinnier and healthier person. That is the gods honest truth. I want to be able to walk into any store and buy what I want. What I like and not what will cover the bulges or what size they happen to have that will fit me.

So I have lost a 1/4 of what I need to lose and I am also losing my motivation.
I was so happy yesterday to see 187.5 on my scale and I knew better then to weigh today after having subway for dinner and I was right. It read 190 !!!! That really sucks. I know it is not permanent but it still sucks.I have done this before and then come weigh day I DO lose a few. Tomorrow is weigh day. So we shall see.

So I have been trying to think of ways to get motivated.
For Christmas me and Jack both got bikes and that is going to be sooooo much fun and it will also be low impact exercise that I can do more then walking and I am sure I can also burn a lot more calories.

Jack is also wanting to lose weight. He typically does not have weight issues. But in the last 7 years he has packed on some pounds because his job is at a desk half the time. He is also getting older and can't keep the weight off as he use to.
So we have taken his before pics. Then I had this idea today to do a challenge and see who gets to 5 lbs first. Then we get a NON FOOD prize.
Of course he wants to wait until after the holidays. So I will give him that. I have no plan on NOT sticking to my program through Christmas.

So what keeps you motivated???

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  1. motivation is hard, I'm with you there. For me the original fire under my ass was 266's anniversary video which was shown to me by a friend on caloriecount.com. I had posted a very negative, painful, cruel letter to myself about how much I hated who I am and the friend replied with 266's video. I watched it three times, sobbing from start to finish. She looks a lot like me, from her video it looked like we have a lot of the same interests and in one of the pictures she's wearing a wedding dress that is identical to one I tried on in college (when I was skinny). It was like watching myself lose weight in some kind of "what could be" video.

    My motivation to keep it up is up and down though. I started out with so much fire and conviction. I was convinced that the routine would work and I'd be posting 2 and 3 lb losses every monday, watching myself melt away.

    The first struggle with motivation came just days after I had to revelation that I was actually losing weight and working on becoming a success story. It's like one day I was on cloud nine because it finally hit me that I was progressing and the next day my worm-pudge voice came back and started telling me to skip exercise and nibble on a bit of this or a bit of that.

    I keep pushing myself to count and exercise because I'm neurotic but I don't feel the super jazzy, excited motivation behind it anymore. Now it's really more just feeling like I have to keep doing it because of the blog rather than actually wanting to do it.

    I need to re-discover motivation but I don't really know how. I have things that I want but none of them are convincing me to bust my ass and feel good about it anymore. All of a sudden exercise feels like exercise again. Hopefully that will go away with all this stupid freaking bad weather.


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