Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Baking..

It's a BIT depressing..

This is the first year that I did not do a TON of baking and hand it out to my neighbors and family.
We are in a NEW home this year. So these neighbors that actually keep to themselves have no idea anyway!
But usually as gifts I hand out a BUNCH of homemade treats. I mean I go all out.
Everything from thumbprints to peanut brittle and chocolate covered pretzels. I mean you just have no idea the amount of baking I am usually doing at this time of year. I am usually scrambling to get it all done in time.

In a way I am a bit sad.
But it is just ONE YEAR!
I think...well I know that by this time next year I will be at a healthy weight and I will feel better about having all that stuff around the house.

I do miss it though. Not the cookies and treats so much.
I miss the Christmas spirit that it brings into my home.
We have so much fun doing it every year.
I spend weeks picking out just what I want to make.
I spend hundreds at the stores buying all the ingredients
Then comes baking day. It pretty much goes on for a week straight 12 hours a day.

So you could say I am getting a bit of a break!
You are right. It is a very odd feeling to not to have my counters covered in baked goods.
Lack of sleep and lack of energy making sure each package is JUST PERFECT!
After all I am a giver..I love to give gifts to the people I love and care about!

NEXT YEAR...next year I will be feeling a lot better about my weight and eating issues!

This is my gift to myself this year.

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  1. You will be ready next year - I know you will! I love the baking part of the season - and I'm getting ready to finish mine tomorrow. I'm just trying to stick to a plan of letting my "Baby" do the tasting rather than myself - I get into too much trouble that way - hey, he's a big ole football player, we'll just say I'm keeping him at game weight!!


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