Friday, December 17, 2010


When you lose week after week it helps keep you motivated.
I have been stuck on the same few pounds for 4-5 weeks now.
Four weeks ago I weighed one pound more then I do now.
I just went up and down over the last 4 weeks.
I am sure many others have been through this.

Over the last couple of weeks I even changed up what I was eating. I added more whole grains.
I also have not been feeling well. I have been having a lot of stomach issues.
Maybe that is from the whole grains and I am just backed up?

I would just think that if I am doing everything right that the scale would move.
When I think back at what I use to eat OMG..If I started eating that way again I would start gaining the weight back over night. So how is it that I am not dropping the weight if I am eating the complete opposite.

There is NO WAY I am giving up. That will not happen! I have come so far and learned so much about nutrition and about myself in the last 15 weeks.
But when you work your ass off for a month and step on the scale week after week and it is not moving..It is FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!

So that's where I am at right now..I am throwing myself a pity party!
I will get over it!

What do you all do when this happens. Or maybe I am alone in this?


  1. You are most definitely NOT alone! My brother has been studying nutrition and weight loss for over 15 years now, in fact his wife is a personal trainer and he predicted for me exactly what you're going through now.

    It's called the "stall" or the "plateau". Some people just stay stagnant at one weight (where I'm at) while others fluctuate up and down. Not only is stalling common, it's a guaranteed factor of weight loss.

    There are multiple contributing factors to stalling according to my brother. One factor is the natural biological instincts of the female body as a result of having girl parts. I'm not just talking about water weight and aunt flo; our bodies have a very real biological instinct to hoard weight. When we reduce/modify our calorie or food intake over an extended period of time and it starts resulting in weight loss our bodies think we're in famine and they start hoarding. More of what you eat is being stored and your internal processes are being slowed by your body to reduce burn. It's not your fault, you're not doing anything wrong ... your body is just trying to stay fat because fat = ideal baby factory and as far as our bodies are concerned, that's what we are.

    Here's how you tell your body to shove it. You have to trick it and you have to jumpstart your metabolism. First you have to make your body think that the famine has ended so it will stop hoarding, do this by having a binge day. Don't go bonkers and eat 3,000 calories but a few extra hundred will tell your body "oh, we're not starving anymore. Stand-down the red alert!". Also, your metabolism has been slowed to a crawl by your body so it's like a car battery that is almost dead so you've turned off the lights and the radio and you're just trying to keep the heat going for as long as you can. To jump-start yourself you need to have a killer work-out. Burn several hundred more calories than usual, sweat till your clothes are soaked, get your heart rate up and try to burn a good chunk of those extra calories you ate.

    Your stomach is going to tell you that you're hungry again after the work out but if you ate the few hundred extra calories before the work-out, ignore the hunger. It's just a sign that your body is confused and that is exactly what you want. Keeping your body confused keeps it from getting comfortable and we all know what happens when we get comfortable ... we stop trying. Your body has stopped trying because it doesn't realize what your brain is trying to accomplish and that the weight loss is intentional.

  2. REJECTING300....
    Thanks for your reply!
    It makes complete sence to me and in fact about 2 months ago I noticed and even posted that on the weeks where I ate more I seemed to lose more. It happened to be the weeks that I had Panda Express for dinner. I was good all week and on Friday for two weeks my husband brought Panda Express home and on both those weeks I lost weight. Quite a bit of weight.
    Last night I was not feeling good and he brought dinner home again. I am querious if it will happen again. Since i WAS feeling so horrible I did not eat but a couple hundred calories of it. Probably about half of my dinner.
    being at a "stall" for weeks really sucks and I am hoping it gets moving very soon!
    This next week I am going to try eating all 3 meals. Latly I have been just having breakfast which is fruit and then I have dinner and maybe sugar free ice cream. I dont think I am even hitting 1200. That may be the problem. My body thinks I am starving and is hanging on to those calories that I AM eating!
    I will add some alories this week and see what happpens. I will be for sure to let you know!

  3. It looks like the first commenter gave you some great advice. :) I'm sorry this is happening to you and I know all too well how frustrating it can be. I love your attitude though about not giving up. Don't ever, ever do that! It WILL start moving again! *Hugs*


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