Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Skinny Bitch...Great Book

I read the Skinny Bitch in one night!!! It has been forever since I have done that.
The night before I read one chapter..But all in all it took me about 4-5 hours..
I REALLY LOVE the book..


You would not know that it is a vegan book..They were sneaky that way..But I think anyone can take lots of things from the book even if they decided veganism or even vegetarianism is not for them.
I was a vegetarian/ almost vegan for 5 years..Then carbs too over and it seemed that I was eating more carbs then veggies. So I went back to eating meat. But I have NEVER been to fond of it..
It can NOT be on a bone. That just grosses me out. I know it all comes on a bone..LOL
I have red meat about once a year unless I have hamburger which is in spaghetti etc..
I am NOT a burger gal...So almost always I will choose chicken or seafood.
After reading Skinny Bitch makes me think of how horrible it is to even think of eating meat.

When I first became a vegetarian I had all the PETA info sent to me in the mail.
It came with a DVD that showed animals being slaughtered and the horrible conditions that the chickens had to live in.
But it was horrible reading what inhumane things they do to these animals in Skinny Bitch.
I can only speak for myself but I usually don't put much thought into where my food comes from.
I guess out of site out of mind. But reading Skinny Bitch really put things into perspective for me again.

I also never thought I would be one of those people.. The ones that only buy organic everything.
Then there is cheese oh my god how I love cheese, Can I really give up cheese??? They say there are products out there that taste exactly like cheese. But I don't think that there is an imitation feta...Do you??
I guess I could always give it a try and see what I think before I give it a no.
I also don't think that there needs to be perfection right out the gate. Like with weight loss. It is something that is learned over time.

I am still working on my NEW plan..So I am sure I will implement lots of things form this book.
I would definitely recommend it for anyone.

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