Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who does she think she is???

Ok so I go to my GYNO this evening to have a little chat with her about some twinges I have been dealing with..This is a NEW doc..New town and a really far drive to go see my other one which I love. But I have heard great things about this office which has multiple locations.

My appointment was at 6PM..So they were pretty dead.I am just about positive that I was the last appointment.

I found it odd that they did not have me fill out my medical history.
Then when I get into the office she has something kinda like an IPAD..
So she asks me all the needed info.
Then The supposed Doc comes in and asks me the same questions!!!??

I was told to undress and she would be back..She did a quick head to toe exam and I was out of there...
I had to do the whole pee in a cup thing and when you have MS you always have to pee even when you don't. But they managed to get a test done with the few drops I gave them..

Ok so why am I telling you this story...?

When I had to give her my medical background MS came up..(Of course) and she proceeds to tell me that she has 2 cousins with MS. She asked if I am working. This was part of the questions and I tell her no. She kinda shrugs and then says well some people are still able to work on the computer and what not. I explain that I never know how I will feel from day to day and that makes it hard.
So I asked how her cousins were and she says one is a RN and the other was a college professor..I said well that's good they are doing well and she proceeds to say that some people are more active then others and that because they are more active they do much better then say ME..She says that due to their personality they live life as though they don't have it. She does not know me from Tom Dick or Harry!!!!! Plus I HATE when someone that does not have MS thinks that they can say anything about how it feels to live with the disease or that because one person is more active then the other that they deal with MS better..Ok now if you are fit and were really active pre diagnosis it may help to an extent..But an MS flare is just that..If you can't walk.. Being active is not going to tell your brain to move your legs!!

I just don't get where she gets off having an opinion about my not working while living with MS??
Like mind your own business..It has nothing to do with my GYNO issue..It was almost like she was judging me for not working.. And not almost she WAS!

Then as I am leaving. She tells me to go to the front desk and make an appointment and then you will get to see the DOC?? She was not even the doctor she was a NP !!! Greattttttt
I left not getting anything resolved or even getting to ask any questions..! The questions I was asked was all the information she wanted. It was like she was a freakin robot!

The fact that it is in town and I have to do an ultrasound and drink all that water I guess I will be going back..But I won't be liking it one bit..

That's my rant for the night!  Thanks for listening!Or reading ( :


  1. Oh my god that is so frustrating! Woman problems have to be the *worst* when it comes to doctors getting serious and figuring things out. I battled with pain for years before someone finally decided to do something about it. And more recently I've been having funny little twinges in the nether regions. Of course no one could figure anything out so I just gave up. Hope they get something figured out for you!

  2. Why didn't i see this post before?!? anyways... what a total b*t*h!!! Holy wow. I would have gave her some classic old school head bobbin' attitude!! For one, really you working or not working probably has NOTHING to do with why you are there... and that is SUPER awesome that her cousins are doing so well with there MS ... no two cases are alike!! And from hearing that it sounds like they have benign MS not even RRMS!! That would have been my question... "Well do they have rrms?? or benign?? they are TWO completely different types of MS! ON TOP of the fact that MS is completely different for EVERYONE! What a....ugh... now you got me going...


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