Thursday, December 2, 2010

Small Clothes

Went into the garage tonight with Jack to dig out all the Christmas boxes..If it's anything I have a lot of it is Christmas decor..I absolutely love it!!!

As HE was digging boxes out ( I am afraid of bugs) I just happened to see a box titled "small clothes"

When going through this weight loss journey I think for everyone you just can't wait for that feeling to have baggy clothes or in this case pull out a box of clothes that are too small and try them on..

This is a small box so I must not have much in there. Right before we moved I went through all my clothes and got rid of anything that was too small..Small and old..I kept the cute stuff.
Thing is I have no idea what is in that box..

So as you can see....I did not open it..I am just not ready for that yet.
I may be 13 weeks in. But trying on clothes that you hope will fit and don't is a HUGE let down and not one I am ready for..I have it in my head that when I get to the mid 70's that is when I will start trying on all my old small clothes. I even have some hanging in my closet still.

If the last time I was in the 170's was over 5 years ago then I know that every article of clothing I own now will fit me in the 170's.. I don't think I have any clothes older then that..

How fun will it be when I get to buy a new wardrobe!!!! Something to look forward to.

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