Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weigh in

It could have been so much worse!!

I weighed in this morning at 187. That is a GAIN of .5
To me that is pretty much a maintain. For one I am on my period. Usually I gain a couple of pounds.
So I will take the .5

Looking back on what I ate the past week it was enough for a one pound gain..MAYBE
I had a piece of pie and a cookie..I also ate out a couple of nights ago at a Mexican food restaurant and had a deep friend taco.

For the last few days I have been right back on track.
I am feeling really hungry. Not sure why??
This morning I had an orange. Then a while later I made steel cut oatmeal with half a banana.
But now I am hungry AGAIN..I mean I really feel hungry. The whole stomach growling and empty feeling.

What they say is true..If you eat like crap you crave crap. When I ate sweets over the holiday for days after I wanted sweets! Same with eating Mexican food. I ate one taco and for days after I craved Mexican food. So the cure to that is not to eat it then you won't crave it!!

It feels good to be back on track!


  1. Well, having Christmas in the past 7 days plus your TOM, that's incredible.. :)

    That just means you'll have a bigger loss next week (hopefully!).. Good job for not letting it get you down.. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree with you on eating sweets and craving them. I do the same thing..

  3. You'll have that small gain off in no time flat. And you're so right about the crap - eat it too much and you'll just crave it even more. Good for you getting back on track!

  4. You will have that silly little .5lbs off in no time... but seriously... we need to buckle down!! Me and you both have totally been slackin!! Shame on us!!!

  5. .5 is terrific this time of year!!! Way to GO!! I'm sure TOM is affecting that number too... And way to go being on track! I loved what you said about Eating like crap.... Sooooooooo true!!!

  6. Oh! And the pineapple vodka should "marinate" in a closed, glass container with an air tight, sealed lid!! Enjoy!

  7. Hey I know exactly what you're talking about in this post, I had a day just like yours back in November shortly after I first started my diet change. I complained about it and my ever overflowing fountain of knowledge for a brother posted a mini-book response with an explanation and tips for overcoming it. Here's the link if you want to check out his insights.

  8. .5 is NOT BAD AT ALL, considering the time of year and the time of month! That means your next weigh-in will be a great one! :D

  9. I think getting through Christmas and TOM week with just a .5 gain is great!!
    I have found that adding an egg white to my oats just when they're about cooked adds protein and i don't get as hungry as quick. You don't see the oats. You stir, stir, stir as you put them in slowly and it becomes light and fluffy oats. Really good!
    Love your blog, it's my first time here :)


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