Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Binge eating at night

Last night was horrible..
I ate like a PIG....
This is the first time in months that I have ate like I did last night.

No excuses here but I do recognise even while I am doing it Why I AM..
I was tired for one..I seem to eat when I am tired. I was up till about 10AM
I was reading The Skinny Bitch which I could not put down till about 5AM
It was not what I ate because almost everything in this house is healthy.
So I ate a couple Oranges,Ice Cream,Sun chips,Lorna Doone Cookies ( had for a pie crust)
and 1 muffin that I made for Jack to take to work.

I woke up feeling horrible..It was a feeling I have not had in a very long time..That bloated, gasy, sick to the stomach feeling..I learned my lesson for sure.. That will NOT happen again.
But just goes to show I have so much more work to do.

I was never someone that would eat 3 big macs or a TUB of ice cream in one sitting.
My issue was night snacking..All night long snacking.

A while back I started going to bed at a decent time and it seemed to be the trick to keeping me from doing that.But lately I have been back to this horrible being up all night sleep schedule and it sucks.
So tonight I may just need to go to bed really early even if I am not tired so that I can get back to a decent sleep schedule and eating schedule..

I am not beating myself up for last night. What is done is done. I woke feeling like crap. So I payed for it that way.
If anything it was a wake up call for me at how easy it would be to go right back where I was.
I may not be losing weight at speed I want to but I have learned so much over the last 13 weeks.

Speaking of not loosing weight as fast as I want.
I have been looking back at what I eat every day and I think that one thing that may be hindering me from loosing more weight is that I eat light no sugar added ice cream EVERY night. Plus I add honey to it..
Calories are calories and I have had enough calories to eat this. But I am going to try and cut it out or at least down to a night a week and see if that changes what the scale does.
Start having fruit as a snack at night instead..

Got to start making some changes because it seems the scale is at a stand still and it is way to early for that.

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