Friday, December 10, 2010

A little this and that..

WoW...I just realized that I did not even blog today..
I guess I did not have much to say. Plus the fact I have been working my butt off all day.
I know I burned a ton of calories. I cleaned my house for something like 6 hours.
So lets see.. Sitting on the sofa or cleaning.. Yeah I think the later burns more calories. So I will take it.
My back is still recovering from a relapse I had a while back so my back muscles are still pretty weak and I am feeling it..I pray to god they just do their job and not give out!

So far today I had a Banana 8 oz OJ and a Turkey sandwich on whole grain. Then as a snack I had low fat no sugar added ice cream..I just won't give up ice cream. I will take it low fat. But no not giving it up. This is a lifestyle change and there is no way that I will go the rest of my life without ice cream
I mean heck yogurt has more sugar then the ice cream I eat. That's why I don't eat yogurt it is FULL of sugar! I don't get why the supposed experts say to eat yogurt.. Ok yeah it has probiotics and what not but you can get that from supplement or other food's.. Here is an informative article on probiotics and foods you can get it from. Oh and I love the part about the honey.. Because I love honey and have it just about every day!

This morning I spent hours researching a Christmas gift. Christmas shopping is a whole new ball game this year. We are down to one car because my husband needs breaks and well..We would rather spend our money on other things. So since I would also rather spend my weekends with my husband and we live 30 minutes from any shopping and all we pretty much have is a Walmart. I have been shopping online.
Well... there are so many stores online that have the same product and different prices or they have free shipping and the more you dig the better the deal you can find. So yesterday I found what I thought I wanted but was going to think about it..I go back on this morning not even 12 hours later and SOLD OUT..Greatttttt.. So now I had to start my search all over again!!! This online shopping thing takes skill that is for sure! But I am kinda liking this whole shopping from my sofa. I never wanted to do it before just in case I did not like it. It would be a pain to send back. I have not started buying clothes online. I  am not quite there yet..Maybe one day when I have lost more weight. Then it will be easier to buy clothes period!


  1. Shopping online is great! It's so fun getting all those packages in the mail.. But I know what ya mean about shopping for clothes online, that's scary, because not all stores sizes are the same..

    Hope ya find your present again! :)

  2. Hi Renea! I saw your blog in the blog hop! Coincidentally, I am also the long lost twin of Sarah! ^^

    I just wanted to commend you on you accomplishments and strength thus far! Keep up you hard work and you will be slipping into those skinny jeans in no time!!

  3. Shopping online has really been a lifesaver for me the past two Christmases. :) I hope you find your present soon! Good luck!


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