Monday, December 13, 2010

Jeans victory "THANKS" and the NEW harnesses.

Thank you soooo much to every person that congratulated me on my recent jeans victory..
It is a great feeling to know that everything I am doing or even not doing is paying off.

For anyone that is just starting out on their journey give it time. If there is any advice that I could give you from where I am at right now is to give it TIME. Nothing will happen over night. But it will happen. You will be so very glad that you did!

About a week ago I had gone to walmart to do a bit of shopping and came across some cloth dog harnesses. I knew they would be perfect for my Pomeranians. It is so hard to get them in a harness when they are squirming all over the place excited to go for a walk. I use harnesses for safety. We live in a very dark neighborhood and I am able to just lift the leash in the air if I have to. You can't do that with just a leash and collar. What sucked is that they did not have the right size..A few nights later Jack came home with two. A green one for Prancer and a pink one for Bella. They did not have any other colors. Green would not have been my first choice. I was tempted to put Prancer who is male in a pink one..LOL

Bella..I just LOVE this picture!

Prancer in HIS green harness.

It's very similar but solid in color and different material.
So later that night when Jack came home with them. I was so excited!!! I just hate when I go shopping and they are out of something I want or need!
After dinner I strapped them in..
WoW Bella freaked out she was beyond excited. I actually had to wait a bit till they both calmed down,drank some water and cooled off before we took them out. Our plan was to just walk down the street. I was in my PJ's and flip flops..Before we knew it we were walking over a mile. It's easy to do that when your town is having a Christmas light contest and you can look at all the lights.
It was nice to sneak in a walk you did not expect.


  1. how cute are they!! I need to get a harness for my Bella ;) I just need to find one big enough...

  2. Oh my heavens, they're so cute!! And so excited too!! It's nice to see you had a good long walk!! Have a good week~!

  3. Oh they are soooooo cute! I love the harnesses. Adorable!


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