Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friends or not??

This is my personal online Journal which I have chose to share with the world in hopes that someday I may be an inspiration and motivation to you as so many others have been to me!
So because it is my journal some of it may make no sense to some..

I spend many hours a day reading and posting on blogs and have gotten to know many people better then you would in every day life..Everyone is so busy. But we take these small moments every day to write down our feelings and thoughts for everyone to read..You get to know everyone more then you would in every day life. I have wrote about things that I tell no one else other then my husband of course. But even he does not read my Blog That I know of.Not that I would care if he did!

I have tried to be a good friend to everyone..Plus the emails that I get tell me that it is well received..
I am always open and honest with my friends..I tell them exactly how I feel without holding back..
I thought I was getting the same in return.

I shared a recent confrontation with a "friend"...I don't have many confrontations in my life.
I lead a pretty great life..I have great friends and a great family. I even have an amazing husband that I have been married to for almost 13 years ..

So when someone that I thought was my "friend" regardless of it being a friend I see all the time or one I talk to rarely I expect that friend to be as honest with me as I am with them..

I recently had a misunderstanding with an online acquaintance and spoke to this "friend" in detail about it.
To only reads weeks later that this "friend" is friends with this person..It's not that they are friends..That would be stupid. It's that I was made to believe they felt the same way about this person. So I went into detail about EVERYTHING!!
I feel a bit like this "friend" was never a friend to me and completely dishonest with me...Which makes me sad because I really liked this person. There are not many people in this life that we find to have the same morals and view on life as we do and when you find those people you should keep them as a part of your life..

So when they become the complete opposite of what or who you thought they were it is a complete disappointment..

UGHHHH I guess life goes on......But I am of course disappointed and partly sad.


  1. ???? a friend is friends with a friend that you dislike?

    I can see why it would bother you, but as long as the friendship doesnt stand in the friendship that you and your friend have, it shouldnt matter. I dont think anyways... if it is me... girl you better tell me ;)

  2. I'm a new follower! Great blog - and terrific weight loss!

    I am sorry you've been disappointed by those you thought were your friends.

  3. Okay, so this "friend" hopefully knows that they weren't supposed to say anything to the other person.. bc if not, that's just a misuse of trust.. that sucks.. especially on here, when it's hard enough to trust that someone is who they say they are. :(


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