Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weigh in wednesday

I got out of bed this morning. The first thing I thought when I opened my eyes "it's weigh day"
It never fails. When Wednesday rolls around and even the night before I start to get anxious thinking what the scale will say.

It is always sooooo unpredictable. Some weeks I have had very odd big gains and other weeks I have had HUGE losses with no big difference in what I eat from week to week or the amount of activity that I do.

This past week I worked out twice.I know...Nothing to brag about but at least it was something and I spent two days busting my ass cleaning my house. It really needed it!!!! What better time then when my mom was coming for a visit.
I ate really healthy. I had one day which was yesterday I had a McDonald's ice cream cone. I looked it up when I got home. Not bad 150 Cal and 3.5 Fat. So not bad at all. The rest of the week was healthy dinners and fruit for breakfast or Steel cut oats with blueberries.
I know without a doubt I stayed under 1200 a day.
My mom was here and I did not take the time to log everything. But I know it was under 1200. Just by what I ate every day.
So I was really expecting at least a 2 pound loss.I even feel thinner. I know sounds crazy!

I stepped on the scale right when I got up and it read EXACTLY what it did last week. 188.5
I had no loss and no gain. I maintained and for some reason I always see that as worse.
But looking back when I have a maintain I lose BIG the next week. Last week I lost 4 pounds. So maybe that has something to do with it.

But moving on to week 16.
By now I am so use to eating this way. I could never go back to the way it was.
I am also doing really good considering it being the holidays.
I do miss all the baking I would usually do. But that is just setting myself up for failure and I won't do that. I know better then to do that.
The old me would come up with some excuse as to why I should just bake it. Or I would say "but I will just freeze it" and before you know it everything is gone.
I still have intentions to bake as I always do. The only difference is that I am going to wait till the last minute and NONE of it will be staying in this house. If Jack wants any he will have to eat it then and there!


  1. You also started working out!! which, muscle weighs more than fat (or so I am told) so when you do have a maintain, you may have gained a small amount of muscle mass and still lost some fattiness!! Woot woot!! You rock girl!! I cant wait til I am weighing what you are weighing in now!! :)

  2. Sometimes there are just fluctuations, I can weigh myself on 2 consecutive days and get a 4-5 lb difference. What matters is that overtime there is a downward trend. If you are doing everything right it will happen, it just takes time :)

  3. I bet next week you'll have a very nice loss. :) Hang in there! You're doing GREAT!

  4. Maintaining is good - and next week will be better!! Keep up the good work, you're doing GREAT!

  5. You can do it. Next week will be better.

  6. Do you take measurements? Those are the true indication of whether or not you have lost. There was a month a while ago where I worked out SOOO hard and I didn't lose a single pound that whole month. I was sooo frustrated. When I took my measurements, I had lost so much. I had lost 2 inches from each thigh! and other inches too but the thighs are what stick out to me. Point is, you probably still did some damage this week! It just may not show on the scale.

    Muscle does not weight more than fat, but muscle is less dense than fat so it takes up less room. Have you ever seen the fat and muscle replicas before? here is a link to a is much better to see them in person though.

    Also, I LOVE baking too! One thing I have started doing is learning how to bake healthy. Believe it or not, it is possible! :) There are just certain substitutions that you have to use. You should look into it.........but portion control still exists even if you are using healthier substitutions. Haha. I say this because I am guilty of this too. Sure I made a healthy cookie.....but when i eat 5 or 10 it is no longer healthy.

  7. What the other ladies said! :)

    I personally couldn't handle baking for quite a few years, had no self-control or idea of a proper portion. This year, though, I've already made a couple of things and plan to bake some more this week. It's all about where you are in your journey and if it's worth it to you. If you can't handle the temptation right now, don't do it! Your family will live without fresh baked goods this year, I promise!


  8. I have dieted many times and having a husband that did body for life and was successful I know how to diet and eat healthy.
    But it did not stick for me that it needed to be an everyday thing That would work for ME until week four just about the time I was giving up on WW AS USUALL!!!!!!
    I am in that place now that I would not bake if I could not handle it.
    But I am certainly not going to leave it laying around the house. Becuae I know I still have BAD days!


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