Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weigh-in and Steel cut oats

I was really nervous about my weigh-in this morning..With it being TOM and all and I have not had the best weigh-ins this last month. Last week I weighed on the wrong day which was Tuesday and I weighed 189.5. I then weighed on Wednesday and I was up to 191.5 This morning I weighed 188.5
So I lost 4 POUNDS..I am thrilled with 4 pounds but I am still not seeing much scale movement. It is going up and down.. I hope with eating more whole grains and fish I will drop more pounds!
This morning I made Steel cut oats..Last night Jack made a batch to take to work this morning since they take a bit to cook. I had a couple bites and they are quite tasty.. Really good with a bit of honey. I don't know what I expected them to look or taste like. But they don't look anything like I pictured. I made a batch this morning only to realize I was not very hungry. So that just means there will be some already made up for tomorrow. That is a great thing about them. They are hardy enough to have the next day!!

Boil water...DUH !!! LOL

Even look healthier then rolled oats!!!


Lower heat and cook 20-30 minutes

Add a little honey or fruit


  1. I honestly can say, that I have never ever heard of these Steel cut oats. Did you taste them at all?? do they taste like oatmeal?? Are they better for you than oatmeal?? (okay I am totally coming off like a five yr old!)

  2. I've never heard of them either.. Will have to look for them in the grocery store..

  3. They are way better for you..Kinda like the difference between white bread and whole grain bread..They have been around as long as oatmeal. I think quaker makes one but I have only seen the one that I have pictured. I think some of the grocery stores that have bins of food also sale them..
    They are really good and taste just like oatmeal but with a much better taste and texture. More hearty..Does not break down and get all soggy!They do cost more..But only a couple dollars more then the prepacked kind and being more hearty..The go alot further!

  4. Congrats on the loss!! I think I will try the steel cut oats this weekend.


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