Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I don't have much to say....REALLY??
I am actually kind of a quiet person. I am not a HUGE talker I am some where in the middle.
I am also not really shy!
But when it comes to writing..I can go on and on..
Maybe that is a good thing. I know it has been good therapy.

I have a GYNO appointment today.I am having my annual and I am also having an ultrasound for some crazy weird twinges I have been having.I have to drink about 32 ounces of water. Which is a breeze. But when you have MS..YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PEE!!! So this is going to be a challenge. It is 5 minutes down the road. So I am gonna wait till 30 minutes before my appointment. I don't want to drink to soon. Then I will never be able to hold it. Then right after I see the doc for my annual.

I woke up this morning grabbed my camera and stepped on the scale. It could have gone either way. I woke up through the night peeing a lot. So I was hoping for a pound and I got 2-2.5LBS
I say that because it teeters on BOTH scales from 186-186.5..I am gonna go with 186.5
This being a number I have not seen in YEARS!!!!! Plus it all evens out anyway.

I mean I am actually getting there! That is just crazy. I no longer have to lose 60 LBS or even 50LBS.
I now need to lose 46LBS.

This next week I am going to try and change things up. I am going to keep my body guessing.
I have done a lot or research on plateaus. They all say to keep your body guessing. Some recommend to eat more calories one day then go back down the next. Or do each for a couple of days. But not to stick to the same calorie count each day or your body will get comfy..Then you stop loosing.

So to try and bump up my weight loss so that I lose EVERY week I am going to try this.
I was stuck at the same weight. Going around the same few pounds for 5 weeks.
I am NOT going through that again.

So my motivation..Weight loss!!!
It's really easy to lose motivation when you get stuck on the same weight FOREVER!
My fellow bloggers are also motivation. But without that scale moving. It can get very frustrating.
It seems to be moving again. Now to keep it moving.


  1. That is beyond amazing!! Way to go!!!

  2. Awesome job on the weight loss. I was on a plateau a few weeks ago and I added some extra steep hills on my treadmill and alternated between easy and hard. It got me over the hump, plus it's building up my larger muscles which will burn more calories! :D

  3. YAY!!!! CONGRATU-FREAKIN-LATIONS! (that's extreme enthusiasm, not sarcasm). I am so stoked for you!!!!

  4. That is awesome! Congrats on your achievements so far.. you are doing wonderful..

    I am totally in the same boat you were in.. floating around those same 5 lbs.. I'm hoping I get out of it this coming weigh-in.. follow in your footsteps.. :)

  5. That is SO awesome!!! I'm very, very proud of you, Renea! :)

  6. Soooo proud!! GREAT job!!! And thank you for the tip on my blog about the stir fry at Wal Mart - I LOVE stir fry, and the Hubs loves Thai! So, next time I'm there I will surely be thinking of YOU while I'm checking out the food section looking for it!! I don't get there that often because Wal Mart is about 30 miles from my home - but I get there enough to stock up on some Good stuff - I will get the stir fry for SURE!!!

    Wow... Wal Mart is everywhere in the boony's - and I'm 30 miles from there! I must be beyond the boony's!!

    Merry Christmas!~!

  7. Thanks everyone! I am so happy to have gotten out of those few pounds I was bouncing around.

    LISA..I live in a small town and if not for walmart I would be very sad.We also have a frys and a bashas. But if we did not have a walmart I too would have to drive 30plus miles.
    You may be able to find it other places but so far I have gotten it there and a place called smart and finale wich is only in a few states.
    But it is a common brand. So you should be able to find it. Maybe even at your local store. It may just not be the jumbo bag with 2 sauce packets.

  8. Hey, good to see you stop by my blog earlier, it's nice to be back. One of the reasons I slacked way off of the blogging is that I had hit a plateau I could not seem to move past. As I slacked off the blogging, I slowly loosened up on the other habits that had led to so much success in losing weight. No worries though, I'll get those good habits back piece by piece.


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