Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ok..I just posted but now I got more to say..Questions are more like it.

Jack is a HUGE Playstation addict and he has PS2 and PS3..The PS2 has been unplugged pretty much since he got the PS3 2 years ago. But last night I came across it sitting in our TV cabinet. Then I started looking at what games he has still for it. One being a fitness game. So last night he went and dug out the cords for it and is going to hook it back up for me and tonight we are going to play it. It is one of the games that also has the"eye' It's just a camera that follows your movements.
I once had the dance game and not once did I never play it so he traded it after I told him he could. This was back when I was lazy and things have changed so maybe I will buy it again.

Then he mentioned a game called ZUMBA. I know I have heard other bloggers talk about it. So I Iooked up the website.. WoW that is a very popular game. But I did not see a game for PS3. So I did a google search and came across it..Can anyone tell me what it is like?
Jack is wanting the MOVE for the PS3.. I guess you can also use it with ZUMBA.

I am looking for little ways to burn some more calories so this may be it for me..

So far today I have had an Orange and a Banana.

Plus I need to give a HUGE shout out to my friend and fellow blogger TRISHA who is doing an amazing job at losing the pounds..She is my inspiration every day! So I want to give here this to say thanks..(  :


  1. Okay, so if this game is anything like the classes I take at the Y, it is SO MUCH FUN!! It is kinda like low intensity aerobics + dancing.. you don't really do anything too strenuous, but it's killer cardio.. they say one-one hour class can burn up to 1000 calories!!

    I would assume you could play it on the PS3, as isn't that part of the charm of the PS3 (that you can play most of the PS2 games on it)?!

    I wish you all the luck, and this post has made me want to get a PS3 (and that game) A LOT more.. lol

  2. I LOVE Zumba!! It is amazingly awesome!! Very fun too!!

    And thank you so much for the recognition!! I think we inspire eachother!! :)

  3. "I would assume you could play it on the PS3, as isn't that part of the charm of the PS3 (that you can play most of the PS2 games on it)?!"

    Oh wait I get what you were saying..DUH I thought you ment somthing else..
    But the older versions of PS3 played PS2 and now the newer ones dont and my husband has the newer one. So for any PS2 gmaes we have to hook up the PS2..I know STUPID!!!!!!!

  4. I have Zumba the dance DVD, but I have never heard of Zumba the game. I wonder if they have it for the wii? I will have to go and google it. Thanks for you comment on my blog..


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