Monday, December 6, 2010

Today SUCKS!!!!

I am struggling today for a few reasons..

For as long as I can remember when I am on my period I just want to EAT..Eat alllllllll day long!
This is the 4th time since I started this journey that I have been through this. I don't remember any of them being as hard as this one is..This whole thing of craving sugar,chocolate and carbs is NOT a myth..It is a VERY REAL thing and I am living it right now and I Fing hate it..I am NOT hungry I know that for a fact! But I just want to eat.. I go and stand in front of the fridge which is stupid because I know what is in there. But I do it anyways...Pause..Getting an orange! The funnies thing these little oranges have stickers on them that say "stocking stuffers"..How cute!!!!!! I have probably had 4 of these oranges today which is probably 1 BIG orange..I think they call these cuties??
See not hungry but I am eating.. I mean I am hungry but I should not be.. I had lunch 2 hours ago! A turkey sandwich,carrots and celery should be enough to get me by for 4 hours..

I am just an emotional wrech PERIOD!!!
On Wednesday I have a gyno appointment to deal with some female issues I have been dealing with for a while..The way that I am feeling is something that I have never dealt with before and the fact that it wont go away tells me I have something crazy going on and I am really freaked out to find out what it is!!!

Plus there is the issue of the "friend" !!!! I don't even want to get started on that...

I have tried to stay busy today.. I worked out. Been cleaning the house. I finished decorating..
Maybe I need a nap!

I guess I am just venting because I don't know what else to do..I really just can't get out of this mind frame of wanting to eat!!!
It really sucks being an emotional eater!


  1. Stay strong, Renea! You can get past this.. Sounds like a combination of a whole lotta stuff happening in your life right now - a perfect storm!

    Just take it one day, on hour, one moment, one second at a time - You CAN get past this!!

    I'm thinking about your!

  2. Thanks Lisa it was a rough day to say the least!


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